Walk into a room on-site at your workplace transformed by Crafting Wellness and you'll feel like you're at a dinner party. 


You'll learn some interesting facts about the workings of the brain under stress and when it's on peak. Experience some practical techniques you can instantly apply to your work day for maximum efficiency. Then, roll up your sleeves and get hands on in an project designed to completely focus your attention. You can feel your mind and body get in the zone to let your creative ideas surface. To end, you'll anchor your learning with more useful stress reduction and relationship building techniques.

Continue to get the most out of your learning with your take-home, hand-made designer object serving as a daily reminder to practice the techniques learned at the Crafting Wellness workshop.

You'll get the most value with sustained positive behaviour change when you book a programme of four workshops featuring the full range of skills learning and every project. A programme is also 30% off the one-off workshop price. 


You can still experience a one-off workshop customised to your business needs - mix and match the skills needed with your preferred project for the desired length of time.

Your next corporate event, team-building activity, office Christmas party, conference offering, away or off-site planning day fun, Mental Health Awareness Week in the office is covered with Crafting Wellness