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Welcome to your own Crafting Wellness kit. Open your beautifully packaged kit to a wealth of wellness information and some helpful tips about the art of practicing compassion. You can experience compassion and wellness with crafting your own leather tassel key rings (makes 2!). Made from quality NZ-sourced leather, these quality leather key rings are made to last. Rose gold rings and copper pipe pieces are included with two pieces of leather, a craft knife, ruler and glue. Included instructions will guide you through your crafting experience - or follow along with our online instructions videos!

Refill materials are available to order to continue making these on trend leather key rings - perfect for the handmade gift you'll be proud to give!

Make your own leather tassel key ring wellness kit

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Kit presented in ribbon-wrapped gift box.


    Instructions envelope

    15cm metal ruler

    Craft knife

    Two pieces of coloured leather (pink, navy and charcoal available - please specify when ordering)

    Two rose gold metal key rings

    Two 1cm copper pipe pieces


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