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 You're the sort of business that thrives on innovation, celebrates people, promotes creative thinking, supports learning and development and takes health and wellbeing seriously. 

It's all about your learning experience with Crafting Wellness. To fully understand and appreciate your personal growth and professional development, you have to feel the change. Our clients share their insights, learning and development here.

"I’d just like to say how wonderful the Crafting Wellness workshops were. I really felt a sense of greater balance after participating in these. I felt a sense of being nurtured and supported, which is important when working in a field in which we are constantly giving out to others. This infusion of creativity was a highlight for me and I hope that we can continue such initiatives. It was a wonderful experience and I thank you for offering this space to us."

Dr Kay Hammond | Senior Lecturer | AUT University

"As a busy working mum, I never get the chance to take time for myself. At the Crafting Wellness workshop, I felt like I had been treated to something special. I felt cared about and valued. I forgot about everything else in my life and enjoyed the moment. I left feeling energised, calmer and more focused. I had the tools to apply to my daily work and found I was more efficient having done the workshop. I continue to use the tools I learned in my life and have my key ring on me to constantly remind me to practice."

Kathryn Johnston | Baxter Health

Kathryn Johnston | Baxter Health

"The short workshop with Alex was a positive reminder of how taking time out for oneself can actually improve productivity. Through habit, people often work through their lunchbreak and eat at their desk when in reality a good break and changing the focus for a short time can bring numerous benefits."

Monika Miller | AIA Insurance

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