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Research Evidence

Maximise your benefits from the Crafting Wellness experience by booking the programme series. You'll get more benefits over time and learn the complete range of efficiency boosting, health and wellness techniques. You also get 30% off.

Creative problem solving
Creative Problem Solving

Creative inspiration for problem solving hits all of us at random times. The old adage of 'sleep on it' actually works - at rest, our brains have the chance to de-frag and sort out all the information. You may not be able to nap at work, but you can create the best conditions for your creative genius to thrive with Crafting Wellness workshops. If you're working on a problem, do your background work, gather the information and then come along to a one-hour workshop where you'll be able to completely focus on a hands-on activity (in a tech-free zone), and let your brain make all the innovative connections to creatively solve your problem.

Focus Crafting Wellness
Focus on Productivity

How many hours spent at work are productive? Perhaps you are working harder and not smarter? 

We can be replying to emails while writing reports and answering telephone calls at the same time. It may seem productive, however, multitasking actually puts more strain on our mental capacities as we switch tasks and re-focus. It also takes longer to complete the tasks than if they were focussed on individually.

​Our research shows that when people experience and alternative environment and activity, such as a Crafting Wellness workshop during their work day, they feel refreshed with increased motivation to complete work tasks.

Great Teams Crafting Wellness
Great Teams

The number one reported reason for high staff turnover in organisations is difficult managers or colleagues.​ A strong workplace relies on effective and positive relationships where individuals feel connected and valued. Positive colleagues are essential to our engagement with the workplace. We can learn to and practice developing productive relationships within the workplace with compassion, non-judging and communication techniques.

Engaging in an activity as a team, such as a Crafting Wellness workshop, provides a shared experience through which members can discuss and connect with strengthened relationships. 

Mental Health Crafting Wellness
Mental Health

Workplace stress is going up and our health is going down. Sustained high stress has the same physical effect on our body as smoking.

Mindfulness is a proven practice for managing stress levels. We are constantly bombarded by distractions (i.e. social media) and demands (i.e. deadlines and commitments) that we become overwhelmed. 

Being in the moment, and focused on task promotes mental health. To get in the zone we need to be engaged in an activity that is challenging enough to extend our abilities but not so challenging that we become overwhelmed.​ A Crating Wellness workshop will get you in the zone faster.

Healthy Mindful Eating Crafting Wellness


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