Meet the team who can save you time by helping you work smarter, not harder. Crafting Wellness offers an exceptional workplace learning experience like no other. Learn how to connect with each other and your inner creative genius when you are completely absorbed in a fun, hands on project.

Dr Alexandra Bowmar

Alexandra is motivated by the desire to drive success from a base of happiness and wellbeing, rather than only experiencing happiness as a result of success. 


Alexandra has years of experience with research and university lecturing in health, wellness and behaviour change and more recently accredited in mindfulness facilitation (Ovio). 


Her depth of evidence-based knowledge, and the proven occupational health benefits of crafting, saw the creation of Crafting Wellness. The unique offering is a true holistic wellness learning experience.

Dr Brenda Flood
Occupational Therapist

Brenda is a Clinic Manager and Occupational Therapist and is known to say: "Crafting Wellness is essentially occupational therapy, but just more fun". She knows all about the health benefits of getting handy with craftiness and makes sure all the serious research evidence backs up the Crafting Wellness approach.

As well as set up and workshop assistance, Brenda offers opinions on the projects we offer as she likes to keep up with what's 'on-trend' in the designer world. 

Maria Hyde-Smith
Workshop Facilitator

Maria is Crafting Wellness' workshop chief consultant. She has many years experience practicing and teaching in spa and wellness, and even has a Masters degree in wellness.

Maria has the special ability to host a crafting party like you've never experienced. Her skill in considering all the details helps make the Crafting Wellness' workshop experience one you'll never forget. 

Geoff Passfield
Man Craft Expert

Geoff is our 'man craft' ideas guy. He knows his way around both a tool shed and the workings of the human body. He's all about making healthy practices fun, holistic and inspiring. His university health educator skills makes his workshop facilitation an engaging experience.