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Done all the workshops, seminars, mindfulness, meditation and yoga courses already?Try something totally unique! We learn through doing, and a Crafting Wellness programme designed specifically for your needs will spark renewed enthusiasm in your teams.


Offered on-site at your workplace, programmes include a series of workshops to boost productivity, problem solving, creativity, communication, better relationshipsteam building, mental health and wellbeing.


We also offer workplace workshops for corporate events, planning days, off-site and away days, conferences, Christmas parties, special workplace events, or simply rewarding and showing your appreciation for your employees' hard work.


Your brain works at its peak efficiency when you're in the zone. You focus longer, you creatively solve problems, you are super productive and you achieve high performance.


On the other hand, information overload and constantly switching between tasks leads to overwhelming stress, narrow thinking and stifled creativity.


You could listen to more talks or attend more seminars, but behaviour won't change until you experience the emotional learning through action. Your return on investment in a Crafting Wellness  experiential programme is realised when your inspired employees get in the zone, take action and nail their workload.



You are the kind of business where talented people want to work and clients prefer

You value time, you value people and you create value in the world. 

You'll love your Crafting Wellness experience.  


Are your workplace wellness initiatives online? How much engagement and behaviour change are you actually seeing? 

Inspire your team to come in to the office, connect in person and see the magic happen.

To hear our clients share their insights, learning and development, click the button below.



How effective is your online workplace wellness strategy? Feel like you've done seminars and mindfulness to death? Eyes going square after years of working online at home? Get out of the information overload cycle, off the screens and connect with your team at a totally unique Crafting Wellness experience.

It's all in your hands, get hands on and experience success.


Choose your level - Basic, Extra, or Deluxe

20% OFF when you book a programme

Corporate Events, Conferences, Team Building & Leadership


"The short workshop with Alex was a positive reminder of how taking time out for oneself can actually improve productivity. Through habit, people often work through their lunchbreak and eat at their desk when in reality a good break and changing the focus for a short time can bring numerous benefits."


Monika Miller | AIA Insurance

"As a busy working mum, I never get the chance to take time for myself. At the Crafting Wellness workshop, I felt like I had been treated to something special. I felt cared about and valued. I forgot about everything else in my life and enjoyed the moment. I left feeling energised, calmer and more focused. I had the tools to apply to my daily work and found I was more efficient having done the workshop. I continue to use the tools I learned in my life and have my key ring on me to constantly remind me to practice."

Kathryn Johnston | Baxter Health


Swap devices for tools to maximise your

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